Puppies again!

So we got a new litter of wonderful puppies a few weeks ago! This time one of my dream combinations, Nanook togheter with Zoy as parents.

Really looking forward to raising these puppies, we are keeping 2 or 3 since we are abit low on working dogs right now due to having to put a couple to sleep (old age and injury).

Zoy is a great mother! Took care of everything during the whole birth herself (as a sleddog should be able to do, something is wrong in nature otherwise). She lets us and the kid be close to them from the start, proudly showing them to us. We moved them from the living room to the kitchen a week ago, now they are roaming the house freely keeping old Qeewah busy ?.

A few males from this litter are still for sale to active good homes! Both Nanook and Zoy are good leaders, hard working honest dogs! I’ll add Zoys pedigree to the website soon.


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