The Dogyard

Our dogyard consists of 5 different sections

One large section

Area for free running, to play, chew on bones, socialise and hang with us human beings. In addition to this area, our house is enclosed in another lower fence where they also get to run freely under closer supervision.

Four smaller sections

Inside the bigger yard, we have four smaller sections where the dogs live in smaller groups, each section is about twice the size required by Swedish law for the number of dogs living there. All of these sections have trees in them to provide shelter from sun and wind, and the ground is covered in road gravel.

Dog houses

Our dogs live outside for the most of the time, they take turns living inside with us though. Outside, there is one well insulated small doghouse for each dog in that section. We have fresh straw in our doghouses for the dogs to make beds in, and give further insulation in addition to it clearing water and dirt from the dogs coats.

Short movieclip of the dogyards