Puppies again!

So we got a new litter of wonderful puppies a few weeks ago! This time one of my dream combinations, Nanook togheter with Zoy as parents. Really looking forward to raising these puppies, we are keeping 2 or 3 since we are abit low on working dogs right now due […]


Wanna try dogsledding? Feel the dogs power and eagerness to run but don’t wanna go for a longer tour? On the 4th of March you can, here at the lake just below the kennel! Here you get to meet the dogs, and go on a shorter run (cost is 100 […]

Awesome winter!

So far this winter has been awesome! Lots of snow which is good, but it also means alot of work here on the farm and on our trails. Driving snowmobile to prep tracks, plowing snow with the atv and in general alot to do just having moved up here aswell. […]